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Detail case and Reasons Behind the Death of Super Junior, Leeteuk’s Father and Grandparents Suicide

Leeteuk’s father, Park Yong In's will wrote, “I will take my parents with me. I will bring them with me. I am sorry to my children. Please forgive me.” The police have thus concluded through the will and other related evidence at the scene, that Park had strangled his parents to death, before taking his own life.

According to the medical records found by the police has confirmed that Park was suffering from depression. Park Yong In has been taking care of his sickly parents, father whose Alzheimer, mother was diagnosed and bedridden last year with late-stage lung cancer with the additional complication of dementia. Park Yong In himself has a business failure causing a debt of hundreds of millions won and house seized. He has decided to send his parents to convalescent hospital the next day on 8th January 2014. But that did not happen, only a tragic of three died in the house.

It is still unclear what is the cause of death of Leeteuk’s Father and Grandparents as the police stated, “We have made the provisional conclusion that Mr. Park took the lives of his parents and committed suicide due to being overwhelmed with his struggles. According to his family, Mr. Park suffered from depression.”

In conclusion, the Dongjak Police Department just wanted to close the case, does not plan to hold an official briefing or to perform "Any" autopsy on the deceased.  They stated, “We judged that it is enough with just the deceased’s family’s testimony. With the cause of death comparatively clear, we will not be performing an autopsy.”
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BREAKING NEWS Super Junior, Leeteuk’s father and grandparents Dead

K-pop group Super Junior leader Leeteuk's father  (Park Yong In), grandfather (Park Hyun Suk), and grandmother (Chun Kyung Tae) were apparently found dead at home in Seoul this morning 7th January 2014.
In earlier, it was reported as a car accident killed all three but now link as suicide.
The official revealed that the grandparents were found on the bed while Park was found hanged from a wardrobe handle in the same room.
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